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AdMax company is direct distributor devices and modules dedicated for home automation systems in Z-Wave technology, IP Camera and Video Door Phones with IP access. We also sell and install Alarm Systems. We offer large choice, great prices, technical support and service.

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Door/window sensor Z-Wave SM103 Door/window sensor Z-Wave SM103
Price: €27.22 €33.80

Door / Window Sensor is a wireless, battery powered, Z-Wave compatible sensor. Device is powered by 3 batteries (3xAAA). It has built-in LED diode which shows device's status. In addition you can connect to this device external sensors (type ON/OFF). Sensor can control other associate devices.

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Gateway Z-Wave - Vera Plus Gateway Z-Wave - Vera Plus
Price: €169.93 €226.64

The newest gateway designed by Vera. Better version of Vera Edge. It is the most advanced gateway of this manufacturer. This gateway send commands by the newest Z-Wave chipset: Z-Wave Plus (500 series). Vera Plus has built-in WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth module. It's compatible almost with all Z-Wave devices. Additionally it works with IP cameras and ISTEON X-10 platform. Vera Edge gives unlimited capabilities to make scenes and events. You can control your home by using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets.

It has better CPU and more (faster) memory than Vera Edge.

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